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The MVSA has passed its final committee-level hurdle, passing the Senate Commerce Committee by unanimous vote [full Senate version in PDF here, summary here]. The Act now faces votes by the full House and Senate, with only one major issue differentiating the two: the House version includes a “vehicle safety user fee” on new car sales, while the Senate version does without, thanks. Either way, NHTSA gets its budget doubled to $280m by 2013, so the difference is pretty academic. Other minor quibbles include whether or not to cap NHTSA’s fining power at $200m or $300m per defect. Somehow I think they’ll work it out. Look for the bill to move towards President Obama’s desk at distinctly un-legislative speed. After all, a little pork always helps… and the Senate Commerce Committee also just approved a bill (S.1938) ordering the DOT to grant $94m per year to states with hands-free laws for enforcement of those laws, distracted driver awareness education road signs. Who likes the smell of legislation?


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    Event data recorders…bad slope to start sliding down…

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      I wonder what level felony will be awarded to the citizen who decides they don’t want a functioning EDR in the automobile they (think they) own.

      Maybe people will finally understand that, just like with their homes, nobody really owns anything in this country.

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      Doubling the budget of any federal agency is another bad slope to continue sliding down…

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    This is the continuation of the indifference practiced by the masses. Not sure if society will get out of this continuing mess. I think I’m ok, I hope I make it to educate those willing to listen.

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    Society is so insensible to malicious behavior. Abusive behavior is so pervasive, insidious, clandestine, and manipulative that deep emotional trauma cannot, will not be avoidable to anyone.

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    “I would love a car that drives itself”

    I bet that is what goes through the minds of legislators who spend a decent amount of time having others do the driving for them.

    “Saves lives and my car will drive me to massage parlor…just like all the sci fi shows”

    Fortunately, I still have my motorcycles. Screw yer safety nannies.

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