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Opinions from the B&B regarding the Range Rover Evoque were somewhat mixed, but Jaguar Land Rover is having so much trouble keeping up with demand that they’re hiring.

to their Halewood plant near Liverpool, England that produces both the Evoque and the Land Rover LR2 (aka Freelander everywhere else). Staff will now number around 4,500, up threefold from 2009. Land Rover added another 1,000 jobs at their Solihull plant that builds bigger cars like the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport – Halewood will now run 24 hours a day to crank out cars, since world consumers evidently can’t wait to let everyone know that they drive a Range Rover.


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    You know what, I’m glad. I was a bit worried when Tata took over from Ford, but they seem to have become a surprisingly good steward of the brand.


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    Volt 230

    Despite all the negative reviews, people just keep buying them. Amazing!!

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      The road test reviews are all aces, but the JD Power quality reviews stink. Yet everyone I know that has a Range Rover, always buys another. People that own them, like them.

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    What are you talking about. The reviews are nearly always positive, hence it’s nomination for European car of the year! I’m sure BMW feel very negative about it though…..

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    “since world consumers evidently can’t wait to let everyone know that they drive a Range Rover.”

    James May loved it, that’s pretty high praise.

    Also, what’s with the need to make comments like that? Can’t someone just enjoy a nice, good looking car?

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      “Also, what’s with the need to make comments like that? Can’t someone just enjoy a nice, good looking car?”

      Absolutely! (Now where’s that nice, good looking car again?)

      Sorry, I just couldn’t resist…

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      “since consumers evidently can’t wait to let everyone know that they drive a Range Rover.”

      Those were the dumb comments that people said about the RR Sport. Even though the base price of an Evoque is “only” 45k, you can’t really find one for less than $55k. The premium package alone costs $6k, and you won’t find any that don’t have at least that option. And what you get is a really a good offroader, if you look at the reviews.

      So, even though it’s not a $100k Range Rover Supercharged, the Evoque or LR2 owner is still the 1% and pissing on the other 99% of those who make comments like this.

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    Stay tuned for a Rolls Royce badged version of the Mini Countryman that can be leased for less than $600 a month.

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    Volt 230

    CR other enthusiast mags hated the damn thing, including its crappy 4 cyl turbo who is slower and gets worse MPG than the 6 cyl X3. James May loves anything made in his country no matter how crappy and unreliable it may be!

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    The Evoque’s appeal is a bit of a mystery to me…seen a few on the street and they look even sillier than the pictures. Like an SUV that got partially squished.

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    Personally I don’t care whether the Evoque is going to be bought by urban-trust-fund-brats the world over, the fact that it’s creating 1000 manufacturing jobs (a sector of the economy which has been repeatedly kicked in the groin over the past 40 years) in the UK is good news in itself. Lets just hope the value of the pound stays low for the foreseeable future.

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    Volt 230

    They are buying a brand name, that’s all how else can you explain the IQ Aston Martin rip-off?

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    I always enjoy a success story. Warms the hart.
    Unfortunately some commenters, yes you ehsteve, feel the need for inappropriate comments. Poor show, not impressed…

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    People still take Range Rover seriously?

    Since when?

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    having seen one of these next to an Audi lot, I’m a bit confused:
    It’s the size of an A3, it’s priced like an A6, get the fuel economy of an A8, but sells like an A4(?)

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