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1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, RH front view - ©2018 Murilee Martin - Paardensex

While Chrysler developed endless variations of the original K Platform, adding branches to the K-car Family Tree through 1995, only the Dodge Aries/400/600, Plymouth Reliant, and Chrysler LeBaron were true Ks. The K-cars saved Chrysler from near-certain bankruptcy, with the first Dodge and Plymouth versions rolling off showroom floors as 1981 models; the LeBaron came the following year, and the luxurious LeBaron convertible stood tall as the K-car King.

Here’s a well-preserved 1982 Chrysler LeBaron convertible in a Denver-area self-service yard.

1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, hood ornament - ©2018 Murilee Martin - PaardensexI have photographed numerous Ks during my junkyard explorations, including this ’85 LeBaron woodie convertible, this ’86 LeBaron Town & Country wagon, this ’81 Dodge Aries Hemi wagon, this ’82 Dodge Aries wagon, this ’83 Dodge Aries sedan, this ’86 Dodge Aries sedan, this ’88 Dodge Aries wagon, this ’81 Plymouth Reliant wagon, this ’86 Plymouth Reliant woodie wagon, and this ’89 Plymouth Reliant sedan. I may have some personal animosity for the K-car, which I will attempt to keep out of this post; I have good reason to loathe the K.

1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, rust - ©2018 Murilee Martin - PaardensexThere’s a bit of rust here and there, but nothing that would have prevented a full restoration… that is, if anyone wanted to invest $10,000 and get a finished result worth $3,000.

1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, dealer emblem - ©2018 Murilee Martin - PaardensexIt was purchased new a few miles from this yard, and it will be crushed here.

1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, bumper sticker - ©2018 Murilee Martin - PaardensexThe F-4 Phantom was flown out of a couple of nearby Air Force bases through the late 1980s, so perhaps the original owner of this car went Mach 2 when not managing the 84 horsepower driving the front wheels of this car.

1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, engine - ©2018 Murilee Martin - PaardensexYes, just 84 horses moved this luxury convertible; the 140-horse turbocharged 2.2 engine became available in the 1984 LeBaron.

1982 Chrysler LeBaron in Colorado wrecking yard, interior - ©2018 Murilee Martin - PaardensexThe interior is in great condition, and the original owner’s manual and ignition keys were still in the car. My guess is that this was a dealership trade-in that proved unsellable later.

Lee Iaocca offered a dazzling convertible that put a little fun back in driving.

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