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route66texasglenriogasstationdaynoelkerns1-08.jpgKFOR News (the only station to come through the antennae in my apartment) reports that Oklahoma City has the cheapest gas prices in the nation, at $3.61 a gallon. They also warned that I needed to fill up my tank ASAP, as gas prices were surely to rise (and meth dealers don't come out early in the morning). So, leaving my skyscraper cum glass walled apartment, I went to the local station to pay just $3.63 a gallon. An Acadia driver next to me looked at my loaner Volvo S40 and said, "I bet that thing gets great gas mileage". "Not really" I replied, "it only gets about 3mpg better than your Acadia" (27 vs 24 Highway). He was shocked, which made me wonder at what other misconceptions have been brought on by the current oil crises. My favorite has been "Oklahoma has the cheapest prices because we pump our own oil, for the entire state!" At least most of the Oklahomans I have talked to are very informed about current market conditions and prices and what affects them, which gives me hope for the rest of the general populace's direct understanding of energy issues. If not the current political debate on the subject. 

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    Martin Albright

    No comment on the article but just wanted to say I love the picture. There’s something about abandoned places I find very compelling.

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    “Oklahoma has the cheapest prices because we pump our own oil, for the entire state!”

    I’ve heard that all my life. I also hear how “Oklahoman’s are the friendliest people in the country”. Both of these statements are local myths…like gerbils and Mathis Brothers.

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    What a vehicle is rated at and what it’ll achieve (by how it’s driven) can be vastly different.

    Get a nice headwind going, as we often experience in the mtn. west, and the mileage difference will be quite different between an S40 and Acadia.

    With that said, Oklahoma is a great place. Lived in Tulsa for some years and enjoyed it, for the same reasons I enjoy living in Boise.

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    And the numbers are closer together now that the EPA essentially chopped 10% off of all the numbers with the new EPA ratings.

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    Martin, I like the picture too. And I even remember seeing the abandoned station that’s depicted. It’s not in Oklahoma, but rather in Glen Rio, TX. It can be seen from Interstate 40 (old Rt. 66).

    Tonight, oklahomacitygasprices dot com reports only one station at $3.61, but many are only a few cents higher. Near my home, stations are posting $3.72 or thereabouts.

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