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699-0113a14toyotastandaloneprod_affiliate79.jpgWhile we await various concept and slatedforproductionmobiles at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota has taken another giant leap away from "now you see it, now do you recognize it?" auto show hype. Ahead of tomorrow's official debut of the new Venza crossover, Kentucky's Herald-Leader reports that workers at ToMoCo's Georgetown factory have amassed experience screwing the beastie together. In fact, the Camry factory's been involved in the machine's genesis right from the git-go. "Since April 2006, two dozen workers at Toyota's sprawling Georgetown manufacturing plant have spent their days walled off from their colleagues. In key-carded rooms, they ran computer simulations, phoned Toyota's top designers and coordinated a project that will soon touch thousands of their brethren. They have built the Venza." This kind of pre-prod prep is nothing new. But the paper describes the computer-assisted anal retentive lengths (ew) to which ToMoCo will go to get a vehicle right before it hits the streets. "Haddix and his team members used computer software to track how each of the more than 2,000 parts would be shaped and installed. When the group simulated installation of a part under the hood, they found that the tool couldn't quite fit and struck the vehicle. The hood angle had to be raised. Another part's installation would have scratched the instrument panel." Who ARE these guys?  


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    Don’t let the UAW/CAW see that article. They might go into a deep funk when they see this:

    “Until the Venza, Toyota’s designers built the prototype vehicles themselves. This time, the manufacturing team in Georgetown built them, tested them and found themselves involved in each step of the process.”
    “… software … helps identify installation processes that will overtax certain muscle groups of assembly-line workers, giving Haddix and his team time to create alternatives.”
    “It hasn’t always been that way. Automakers once sent their new vehicles down the line only to discover troubling issues and be stuck spending great sums to retool the process.”
    “Now, after identifying problems, the group coordinates with designers and, within a week, many procedures have been redesigned.”
    “Bates said working with those designers has been difficult at times, as some lack assembly experience. To resolve that, he invited them to Georgetown, where they found themselves out on the line for a while, he said.”

    Detroit has been making cars for a century. Have GM, Ford or Chrysler tried this? If not, why not?

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    red dawg

    I can tell ya why Ford, GM and Chrysler don’t use or do this tye of pre-product research: MONEY !!!!

    All 3 of these companies are doing their damndest to save every penny possible. Example: I test drove 5 Ford Escapes in 2001. All 5 had the same rattle in the rear everytime i hit a bump. If Ford had spent some money on research and R&D they would have found the cause and found a way to fix it before the product hit the street.

    Ford needs someone in the CEO’s office that knows what he is doing. A car guy not an aviation man. Someome from the aviation industry shouldn’t be heading a company that builds vehicles. The two industries don’t exactly share product in common !!!!!!!

    The Ford Family needs to relenquish control of the company. It is there stubborn ways and mentality that is driving this company to the brink of collapse. They believe the company is doing fine and that early 20th century ways of doing business is ok in the 21st century. Ford, GM and Chyrsler got caught flat footed by the Japanese and Europeans and now they can’t and don’t know how to play catch up or compete. Instead of paying millions of dollars in high wages to the company big shits, that money would be better spent on R&D and product quality. And, the Mercury brand should be killed ASAP!!!!!!!!! It has never been profitible for Ford and it is draining precious money that the company can use in MUCH better ways.

    I can hear it now, another person down on the domestics. Well , as long as the product is second rate in quality, safty, reliability and resale value i will continue to buy Japanese (HONDA)

    P.S: I predict that Ford will be in bankruptsy court befroe Dec. 31,2008. How the mighty hath fallen. Anf they have no one to blame but the Ford Family!!!

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    Pictures here

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    I can’t find the numbers anywhere, but I DO remember being shocked at how much Ford actually spends on R&D. If I remember correctly, Ford actually has the highest R&D budget of ANY car company. I guess the problem is where the hell do they put it all?

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    I can’t find the numbers anywhere, but I DO remember being shocked at how much Ford actually spends on R&D. If I remember correctly, Ford actually has the highest R&D budget of ANY car company. I guess the problem is where the hell do they put it all?

    You may be thinking about this.

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    Sounds like black ops to me. ;)

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